Are you interested in learning more about lighting, styling, and retouching? Do you want to talk about pricing yourself, your personal branding, and attracting your ideal client? I LOVE being around other creatives, and I cannot wait to work with you and grow together. 

August 19th:

September 16th:

Starting Your Photography Business

Lighting, Posing, and Retouching

Photography Workshops

I am so incredibly excited to share what has been the biggest milestone in my photography journey. There are not enough words to describe not only my appreciation, but more importantly, discovering the endless possibilities when you truly immerse in your passion. Thank you for your coaching and guidance.
- Melissa So of Melissa So Photography


You have made me think about things that I would have never have thought about. My creative juices are flowing much more consistently, and I am actually excited about my business again! 
- Heather Taylor of Taylor Made Photography



The think I like most about you is that you are real. When I talk to you, I can tell how excited and willing you are to help me grow and teach me everything you know. I definitely have more confidence now. 
- Jamie Hoff of Jamie Fountain Photography