f you are considering a photoshoot, I encourage you to book your 100% free, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation with me ASAP. I want to know how to best serve you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Plus, I want to get to know YOU!



Booking a consultation is easy! All you have to do is call me at (940) 269-0033 or email sandy@sandydorau.com. 

Upon arrival, you will go right into hair and makeup. Eat something light before you arrive, and drink plenty of water. It's easy to forget when you are so excited but it's pretty important. Trust me, you don't want to feel hungry or tired during a photoshoot. 

While you are getting glammed up, I will be busy coordinating your sets based on the wardrobe you bring (don't worry about that now, we go over ALL  of that ). I will have four to five sets ready by the time you are out of the makeup chair!

Your SHoot

Over the next hour or so, I will guide you through outfits, sets, and posing as we take some amazing photos.
Don't feel bad if you are awkward in front of a camera (Hello! Everyone is!) Posing people is my thang. I will show you some super easy tips and tricks to help you look like a rock star!  Oh, and by the way: your selfies will never be the same either.

I am the luckiest photographer in the whole world! I have TWO fabulous studio spaces in order to accommodate anyone in the Metroplex!  For your convenience, I shoot at these locations and days:

Fridays: Justin, Texas
Saturdays & Sundays: Downtown Dallas

The Studio


I will coach you on what to bring, but I also have a collection of fun dresses, jewelry, and accessories that we can use as well! Together, we will create the looks you will be wearing for your photoshoot! What you wear can make or break a portrait. I'm here to help.


You will leave my studio feeling like a million bucks, so make sure you plan something fun to do after! I only shoot on weekends, so it should be easy to schedule a date night or a fun girls night on the town.

On the Thursday following your shoot, I will meet you at a location of your choosing (in DFW of course) to review your images. I will present your fully retouched, beautiful photos and provide you with your online gallery. I'll walk you though the ordering process and you will have two weeks to purchase. Easy peasy, and that's right. Less than ONE week for you to get your final products!


Sitting Fee: $149
(Non-refundable. Gets applied as a credit toward your purchases. How cool is that?!)

Single Images
5 // $500
10 // $875
20 // $1450

Just give me a call to set up your consultation! You can also email me anytime at: sandy@sandy dorau.com.

So what now?

(940) 269-0033